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Posted by nj6t on July 7th, 2007

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Well, Field day is over and from the reports that I received; everyone had a darn good time. North Bay Amateur Radio Association (NBARA) and Livermore Amateur Radio Klub (LARK) both reported local media coverage of their FD activities.

As I write this the 4Th of July has also passed and I am glad to report no major incidents occurred. It is always worrisome when the bay area experiences Hot WEATHER and FIREWORKS and there were plenty. Members of North Alameda County RACES (NALCO) patrolled the Berkeley Hills and members of Oakland Radio Communications Association (ORCA) patrolled the Oakland Hills.

Members of the North Bay Amateur Radio Association (NBARA) provided communication support for the City of Vallejo 4th of July parade.

N6AJO, NJ6T, AD6ME and KZ6Y from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Comm Team (ACSCT) along with KG6HM, KF6YRG and KI6CYT from the Amateur Radio Club of Alameda (ARCA) and KE6MOW from the Oakland Radio Communications Association (ORCA) provided communications support for the City of Alameda Mayors 4th of July Parade.

Comm Team members W6RGG, N6AJO, KE6NEZ, KE6LEV, AF6AQ, KA6FIY, W6EW, K6UZG, KE6MTM, KF6CRZ, AD6ME, WB6UZX AND NJ6T patrolled unincorporated section of Alameda County providing extra “eyes and ears” for the Sheriff’s Fireworks suppression unit.

NBARA members participated in Kids Day and had a write up in the local newspaper.

The Museum Ship USS Red Oak Victory participated in the Museum Ships on the Air event. Members operated the ships restored original radios as well as the club station. Club members educated the public about the important role Amateur radio played during WWll, providing the pool of trained radio technicians and operators so badly needed for the war effort. Also participating in the Museum Ships event were the USS Potomac and USS Hornet located in Oakland and Alameda respectively. The USS Pampanito located in SF also participated.. By the way these ships are open to the public and they are always looking restoration and docent help.

LARK members provided communications support for The Mount Hamilton Classic May 26th, the Green Belt alliance on June 5th, the Livermore Rodeo with events on June 6, 7, 9&10, the Devil Mountain Double held April 28th. 176 riders started the race 120 finished. 17 radio operators used 4 repeaters, APRS trackers, and for the first time passed info from rest stops by packet.

SK report: Eliot Ross, WA6PYH. Eliot was a member of LARK.