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“I Can’t Afford to Join the ARRL.”

Posted by nj6t on August 10th, 2007

“I Can’t Afford to Join the ARRL.”
By Sherri Brower, W4STB

Most of us manage to afford things that last a lot less time than a
year’s membership to an important organization. Basic membership in
the ARRL is $39.00 per year. It’s about twice the amount of one
year’s dues for a local radio club. It’s about average for other
national organizations. It’s less than one cup of coffee per week
for a year, less than a month of cable television service, and less
than most monthly cell phone bills.

It’s not the “afford” that we should be concerned about. Rather it’s
the value for that $39.00.

What do you get for the dues? You get a full year’s membership, a
monthly magazine, e-mail newsletters delivered straight to your
inbox, a package of services that you can personally use, a cadre of
volunteers in your local area to assist you with a variety of amateur
radio matters and activities, a voice in Congress, specialists at
Headquarters, and much more.

When you pay the yearly dues you can often choose a gift of a
publication or you can pay through your local club. Did know that
the local affiliated club can retain a portion of the dues to use in
your local area? The club can keep $15.00 for a new member and $2.00
for each renewal application.

The ARRL is an association of amateur radio enthusiasts joined
together by a common interest and a voice — a voice that protects
our frequencies and provides the insurance for us to remain active on
the radio. Other organizations– labor, farmers, merchants,
hobbyists, companies — join together to increase their
effectiveness. Why not hams?

ARRL — a great value. Join TODAY.

(This is the first in a series of articles featuring ARRL benefits.
The ARRL Public Relations Committee will be providing these articles
Sherri Brower – W4STB, Southern Florida Section Manager and Chairman, ARRL
Public Relations Committee)