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John Stuart KM6QX does it again! …. 4-Wheelin’ Ham Radio Communications for Trailride Event on Mt. Diablo

Posted by k6jeb on May 6th, 2008

John Stuart KM6QXJohn Stuart, KM6QX continues to be a treasure to MDARC, and to ham radio. Among the many ham-related things that John does is to organize and coordinate ham radio support for several great community service events each year. He has coordinated such things as world-class bike race events up Mt. Diablo, marathon running events out of Castle Rock in Walnut Creek, Police Olympics in Briones Park, various thrilling Trail Adventure Triathalon events in local regional parks, and various horse trailride events that require hams to go off road with 4-wheel vehicles to reach checkpoints. When you do an event that John has organized, it’s alway exciting, challenging, and you usually experience something you remember for a long time. There have been several incidents in which John has coordinated rescue services to injured or lost event participants. He has been intimately involved in setting up state-of-the-art radio equipment in the San Ramon Valley Emergency Services Communications Command Vehicle, for the San Ramon Fire District. He continues to provide great service to the community, and great learning experiences for hams. Best of all, the events he organizes are just plain fun!

This past weekend John coordinated the 50-mile Concord Mt. Diablo Trailride event that he has helped organize for close to 20 years. This included hams driving 4-wheel drive vehicles over beautiful back country trails on Mt. Diablo, trails that are usually closed to public auto access. It was a fantastic day on the mountain, the hills were bright green, the wild flowers were blooming and the views were spectacular. Hams traveled from one P&R station to another (horse pulse and respiration check stations), bringing race judges, vets and event organizers to the stations before the horses arrived there. Hams provided coordination of information to help assure the safety of horse riding participants.

Here are a few photos of this weekend’s Concord Mt. Diablo Trailride event:

Photos of trailride event:
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Pete Harris