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A Field Day Letter from Governor Schwarzenegger

Posted by k6jeb on June 12th, 2008

The signature campaign is a success! Today I received a Letter from Governor Schwarzenegger (PDF). The Governor writes:

American Radio Relay League’s Field Day

Greetings to everyone participating in your annual Field Day.

Amateur radio operators play an important role in times of emergency, and I applaud all those who have worked hard to home their skills. In addition to being an enriching hobby, amateur radio is an important tool for relaying information when disasters strike. I am certain this event will be a great opportunity to have fun, prepare for the future and display your impressive ability to connect the world.

Please accept my gratitude for your service and best wishes for your continued success.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

It’s not too late to contact your local leaders and representatives. This includes those running for offices in your area. Thank you all for getting the signatures in by my requested deadline!

Jack, K6JEB