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Invitation to Webinars on Red Cross Agreement Update, and APRS

Posted by k6jeb on July 1st, 2008

I’ve been working with Atlantic Division Director Bill Edgar, N3LLR, to make these programs available to members of the Pacific Division. Please note that all times are given in EDT. Pacific Division members live in several different time zones, so I will not attempt to convert the times to your local times.

The first invitation is for the “Update on Red Cross Background Checks” webinar, to be held Tuesday, July 1, 2008 9:00PM – 10:00PM EDT

This webinar will permit participants to listen to the webinar over their computer speakers without the need to dial into a long distance teleconferencing center. Please go to the following URL for registration and operational instructions:

The second invitation is to take advantage of an opportunity to learn about APRS from Bob Bruninga WB4APR, the developer of APRS, Automated Packet Reporting System, who has graciously offered to do a series of four webinars on various aspects of APRS.

The topics, dates and times are as follows:

APRS, it’s not what you think — Tuesday, July 8th from 8pm to 9pm EDT

APRS for your mobile — Tuesday, July 15th from 8pm to 9pm EDT

APRS for special events — Tuesday, July 22nd from 8pm to 9pm EDT

APRS for Satellites — Tuesday, July 29th from 8pm to 9pm EDT

These webinars will be available by VOIP and telephone. The VOIP should be audible over your computer speakers.

To sign up for any or all of these APRS webinars, go to: and click on the register button for each one you are interested in. Once you have registered, you should receive an email with the information to connect up with the webinar(s) for which you have registered.

It is anticipated that registration will fill up very quickly for these sessions and if you are interested, please sign up as soon as you are able to.

Robert Vallio, W6RGG
ARRL Pacific Division