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ARES Protocol for Gustav Volunteers

Posted by af6aq on 30th August 2008

At this time, there are NO requests for personnel to be deployed into the northern Gulf Coast area.

No ARES personnel should at any time self deploy.


In coordination with the Sections in the Gulf Coast area, the following protocols will be utilized to request and accept ARES volunteers.


1.    Interested volunteers should make their availability known to their home Section Manager/Section Emergency Coordinator, or designee.

2.    The impacted Section(s) and ARRL HQ will post staffing requests to the “SM”, “SEC” and “Gustav Volunteer” web page. A brief, specific description of what is requested will be listed.

3.    SM/SEC’s that have volunteers that are available will contact the requesting Section point of contact (POC) listed in the request.

4.    The requesting Section POC will determine the viability of the resource offering and have the final decision on acceptance.

5.    Once the request has been filled, a new posting to both e-mail lists and the web page will be made.

6.    Specific reporting details will be provided by the Section POC.

7.    Requesting Sections will utilize the closest ARES resources first.

8.    ARES volunteers not cleared by the requesting POC will not be accepted or allowed entry into the disaster area.



ARES assets that may be requested by National VOAD members (served organizations) will be processed through ARRL HQ by Dennis Dura, K2DCD.


As additional details become available, and/or the protocol is altered, changes will be posted to the SM and SEC list.

Please make this information known to all interested personnel.







Dennis C. Dura


Manager, Emergency Preparedness & Response

ARRL, The national association for Amateur Radio

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