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The North Bay Amateur Radio Association Participates in the A.R.R.L. 2009 Kids Day

Posted by af6aq on 31st December 2008

The North Bay Amateur Radio Association (NBARA) is having Kid’s Day Saturday Jan 3, 2009. This is in accordance with QST December 2008 pg. 85. Please note that when I looked up Kids day 2009 on the ARRL web site it said the 3rd until I opened the rules where it was posted as the 4th.

Kids Day will be held this year at the Mare Island Historical Society building. The building is located on Railroad Ave. near the intersection of 8th street.

The entrance is in front of the river boat. We will be located upstairs in the Ham Radio Shack.

Dave, WA6PEP and Roy W6LRT will have a live transmission schedule of Slow Scan Television.

The North Bay Amateur Radio Association meets in the same building every 4th Monday of the month at 7pm.  We are fortunate to have an active educational program for individuals wishing to gain a Federal Communication Amateur Radio License. During our meeting we also have
instructional presentations on topics concerning Ham Radio.
See you at Kids Day! Bob-AB4AL

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Ham Radio Extra Class Forming

Posted by af6aq on 20th December 2008

The Salvation Army with the Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club will be holding an Extra Class course where you can learn everything you need to upgrade your General Class FCC Amateur Radio License to the top level.

The Extra Class license is your gateway to the world-wide DX excitement of Amateur Radio …

Classes begin on…

January 8, 2009 at 7-9 pm at
The Salvation Army
3950 Clayton Road, (at West St.)
Concord 94520

Registration is requested for classroom sizing.

Recommended Text:
ARRL Extra Class License Manual

To join, contact: Chuck Graham, KI6DCD or 925 689-7640

Note this class is not for the Light at Heart or the Beginner.  This is recommended for seasoned General Class Operators that want to move up to Extra Class.

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FCC Calls on Amateur Radio Service for Assistance with Digital TV Conversion

Posted by af6aq on 16th December 2008

Earlier this week, the ARRL received a request from the FCC asking that ARRL members to provide technical educational assistance to their communities concerning the FCC-mandated digital television (DTV) conversion scheduled for February 17, 2009.

According to ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Allen Pitts, W1AGP, Amateur Radio clubs across the country are being asked to develop and implement plans to provide information throughout January and February about the DTV conversion in their areas. The FCC is leaving it up to the clubs to decide how to do this, as local groups understand the communities in ways that the FCC does not. Each community is a little different, Pitts said, so plans carried out by the clubs will vary from community to community. Interested groups should contact their ARRL Section Manager.

Pitts stressed that hams should not make house calls, sell any equipment or do actual installations; the request is only to distribute technical information and FCC materials. He commented: “As we all know, some folks just never get the message until too late. Materials for presentations, education and many other activities are available online. Beginning early January, FCC staff will contact Section Managers and leaders of interested clubs and, where possible, arrange to meet to share even more information, audio, visual and printed materials, as well as and training aids, with the clubs involved this effort. We know the time is short, but your aid in this now will be appreciated.”

In early January, Pitts said that the FCC will ask Section Managers for the names and contact information of the volunteering groups. The FCC staff will then make contact with the groups, learn their plans and provide them with the media, brochures or other materials groups may need in this effort. Materials also can be downloaded from the DTV Conversion Web site. FCC regional staff members may even come and visit with larger groups to aid in implementation of the groups plans.

“I really appreciate the willingness of the ARRL to actively participate in helping Americans with the transition to DTV and your helpful suggestions,” said George Dillon, FCC Deputy Bureau Chief for Field Operations. “The DTV transition will be an historic moment in the evolution of TV. Broadcast television stations can offer viewers improved picture and sound quality and new programming choices. All-digital broadcasting also will allow us to significantly improve public safety communications and will usher in a new era of advanced wireless services such as the widespread deployment of wireless broadband. Our goal is to engage the amateur community on a cooperative basis to help with the DTV outreach and to educate consumers.”

Dillon continued that local Amateur Radio clubs might consider offering technical advice to consumers via telephone to those consumers who may encounter difficulty with the installation and setting up of their converter box. “Any assistance…will greatly help in the efforts of the FCC to ensure a smooth transition to DTV on February 17, 2009.”

Pitts advises interested groups to keep in mind that they are to provide technical educational help only: “At no time should the hams enter someone elses home or install equipment. They should not broker or sell conversion boxes in any way. Clubs can provide such things as a call-in telephone number for technical help, make presentations at meetings, do demonstrations at malls or give talks to other groups — whatever works in their community.

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