ARRL East Bay Section

East Bay Section Public Information Coordinator Vacancy

Posted by af6aq on January 25th, 2009

Jack Burris, K6JEB has found it necessary to resign as East Bay Section Public Information Coordinator (PIC) for both personal and family reasons. I appreciate all Jack has done for the Section and he will be missed as our PIC. Jack will continue to host the East Bay Section web site ( and will be involved in other ways as his time and responsibilities allow.


I am looking for a replacement for Jack and will accept applications beginning immediately. The ARRL Public Information Coordinator (PIC) is a section-level official appointed by and reports to the Section Manager (SM) as the section’s expert on public information and public relations matters. The PIC is responsible for organizing, training, guiding and coordinating the activities of the Public Information Officers (PIOs) within the section.   The Public Information Coordinator must be a Full member of the ARRL and, preferably, have professional public relations or journalism experience or a significantly related background in dealing with the public media. 

For more detailed information on the roles and responsibilities of the position, go to Please contact me directly if you are interested in this section level appointment.