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SPECIAL EVENT – 13 Colonies “On the Air”

Posted by af6aq on June 16th, 2009

4th of July SPECIAL EVENT (13 ColoniesOn the Air“).

Look for special event stations from all the thirteen 1776 original colonies to be on the air between 1300z, from July 1st to 0400z July 5th. A full color certificate printed on heavy card stock or parchment paper (with a map and the state flags of all the 1776 colony states) will be available to each station who works one or more or ALL of the special event stations. The thirteen 1776 original colonies (their special event callsign) are: CT (K2D), DE (K2E), GA (K2G), MA (K2H), MD (K2F), NC (K2J), NJ (K2I), NH (K2K), NY (K2A), RI (K2C), PA (K2M), SC (K2L) and VA (K2C).

Activity will be on all bands (except 60m and the 30/17/12m). The Colony stations will be operating on or near the “13” of each band (Eg. 14213, 14313, 7213, et.). Also, 2 meters and 6 meters simplex frequencies are encouraged. For this event 2 meter repeater contacts WILL be allowed.

For more details and picture of the certificate, please visit their Web page at: