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SBARA: Slow Speed CW Practice Net – Learn/Improve your CW.

Posted by af6aq on July 22nd, 2009


Starts: Tonight, Wednesday July 22,2009 at 8:00PM, 15 Meters 21,175KHz

The SBARA CW Practice SLOW SPEED “Rag Chew” Net is starting up again for the new group of SBARA members and friends that have asked to help them learn CW. There is no net control, it is a non-directed net, using on the air ‘rag chew’ format. One of us will be calling CQ to start the net, so just answer the CQ by just sending the call of the station sending the CQ and then your call. EX: wt6k send CQ and ae6yn join in after the CQ stops by sending – wt6k de ae6yn KN. it is that simple.

We will be meeting Wednesday evenings at 7:30PM and Sunday evenings at 7:30PM on 21,175KHz. At this frequency Technician (also General, Advance and Extra Classes of course) have CW privileges. So by choosing this frequency we open the practice to more classes of licenses. Tonight, July 22, 2009, because of previous commitments, we will begin at 8:00PM. Starting next Sunday the time will be the regularly scheduled time of 7:30PM.

The practice sessions will last for a half-hour minimum depending on how many of you show up.

Unfortunately there are no SSB privileges for any class at this CW band frequency so Bernhard, AE6YN came up with the good idea of using the 147.015 repeater for voice backup and reviewing our practice session before we all sign off the air. So if you join the practice, listen to the repeater for CW practice net discussion.

So, join us and improve your CW skills.