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New York State QSO Party Forum

Posted by af6aq on 11th August 2009

The Official New York State QSO Party Forum is live and online. Anyone who is interested in the NYQP on October 17th or intends to operate from out of state or residents of New York planning on operating within the state are encouraged to register with this forum and post their county activity.

The Rochester DX Association and the NYQP Team welcomes all to this forum. Please go to and click on the link on the right side of the page that is labeled: “The Official NYQP Forum” or go direct to the forum at We encourage you to register for the forum and give us feedback on the site and the QSO Party.

You will want to operate in the NYQP, we already have 30 Award Plaque Sponsors !!

Check us out!
K2DB, W1TY & Webmaster K2ZS

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California QSO Party

Posted by af6aq on 6th August 2009

NCCC Announces the 2009 California QSO Party

Begins: 1600 UTC – 3 October 2009 Ends: 2200 UTC – 4 October 2009

The California QSO Party (CQP) is the premier state QSO party held every year on the first weekend of October. The Northern California Contest Club (NCCC) has sponsored CQP since 1974. CQP has traditionally opened the annual contest season by providing an opportunity for contesters to prepare for the ARRL November Sweepstakes since the format is similar.

Stations outside of California , worldwide, work stations in California only. The 58 counties of CA are the multipliers. California stations work all stations in or out of CA, The 50 US states and 8 Canadian areas are the multipliers. Stations outside of Canada and the US add to one’s QSO total but do not count as multipliers. See the full set of CQP Rules http://www.cqp. org/Rules. html for more details.

More details at their website: http://www.cqp. org/


Sandy KO6JF

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Iowa QSO Party Details!

Posted by af6aq on 4th August 2009

I’m pleased to announce that Iowa will be having a QSO Party on October 17! A BIG thank you to the Ottumwa ARC for taking on this colossal task! Please help them spread the word! Here’s the details from their  website: (

Iowa QSO Party
Saturday October 17, 2009
Sponsored By The Ottumwa, IA ARC

Entry and Summary Reporting Form (spreadsheet)
Entry and Summary Reporting Form (PDF file)
By entering the Iowa QSO Party, the entrant accepts the judgments and decrees of the Iowa QSO Party committee as final.

QSO Party Period
1400z(9AM CDT) to 2300Z(6PM CDT)
Iowa Stations: Contact as many stations as possible.

All Other Stations: Contact as many Iowa stations as possible
Iowa Stations: RST & County
All Other Stations: RST & State, Province, or DX Country (SPC)
Phone All phone modes including Digital Phone.
CW/Digital modes Excludes Digital Phone but includes other digital
No repeater or network qsos
QSO Points: Each complete, non-duplicate SSB contact is worth one point. Each complete, non-duplicate CW/Digital contact is worth two
points. Duplicate contacts are worth zero points.
Iowa Stations: One multiplier for each Iowa county worked, one multiplier for each state (including Iowa) or Canadian province
worked(NF, LB, NB, NS, PEI, QC, ON, MB, SK, AB, BC, NWT, YT, NU), and one multiplier for each of the current or past Iowa *Section Managers (SM1, SM2, or SM3).
Stations outside Iowa: One multiplier for each Iowa county worked and one multiplier for each of the current or past Iowa *Section Managers (SM1, SM2, or SM3) worked. (*-ones living in Iowa) Bonus Points: 100 bonus points will be awarded for stations working the sponsoring club’s station – WAØDX

DX stations do not have any multiplier credit, but may be worked for QSO points

Final Score
Non-mobile stations: Multiply total QSO points by the total number of multipliers plus bonus points earned (see spreadsheet).
Mobile stations: Multiply the total QSO points from all counties activated by the total number of unique multipliers worked from all
counties activated plus bonus points earned (see spreadsheet).
Club Competition: Scores attributed to any amateur radio club will be credited towards that club. All clubs with at three or more credited
scores will be included in an overall ranking of those scores with a certificate awarded to the club with the highest score.
1. All stations are limited to no more than 125 watts.
2. Mobile Iowa stations who change counties are considered to be a new station in each new county.
3. Mobile stations should identify either /county abbreviation or /M
4. Mobile stations may park on a county line but each county must be worked in a separate contact.
5. Mobile stations must be in a vehicle capable of being in motion.
6. Spotting on the packet clusters or via internet is permissible, including self-spotting.
7. List of Iowa Counties and 3 letter abbreviations. ( All ops are urged to use these abbreviations in the exchange.
8. State and Province Checklist (
Submission of Logs
All stations must submit a log and summary form Excel Spreadsheet ( or PDF file (
Logs must be submitted by November 10, 2009. Electronic logs and summary sheets should be sent to (see spreadsheet note) Other files sent which are readable with a text editor are accepted. .BIN files should not be submitted.
Logs submitted via email must contain the call alone in the subject line (call must be that used in the log).

Send paper logs and summary forms to:
Dale Stoy NSØD
1335 N Van Buren
Ottumwa, IA 52501

Verification of receipt of the log will be made on the Iowa QSO Party website.
Comments or Questions? Email Ottumwa ARC. (

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Quadrennial Homeland Security Review

Posted by af6aq on 4th August 2009

It’s here! The National Dialogue on the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review begins.

We’re looking forward to having you join us at

Over the next week, you will have the opportunity to view and weigh in on proposals being made by DHS for inclusion in the final Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, as well as to suggest your own alternatives, and rate and tag the alternatives suggested by others. The material you will review is the actual work product being considered by the six DHS study groups who are conducting the QHSR. DHS will produce a report based on the results of its review for submission to Congress on December 31, 2009.

Your input will allow DHS to identify the ideas and priorities that are of key importance to stakeholders like you across the country. This National Dialogue is a series of three iterative week-long engagements, and your participation in all three is greatly encouraged. Although you will have two more chances to participate, this first Dialogue closes on midnight EDT on August 9th, 2009. Join the Dialogue now and make sure your feedback is included!

Below is an invitation for you to forward to your network. The invitation also features a short video message from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano about the potential impact of this unique opportunity for you to inform a key homeland security policy review process. Check out the video, and please pass this invitation on widely.

Then, come join in the Dialogue

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