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ARRL East Bay Section Participates in 52nd Boy Scout Radio Jamboree On The Air

Posted by af6aq on 26th September 2009

The Red Oak Victory Ship ( (http://www NULL.ssredoakvictory in Richmond will host a Jamboree On The Air station, using the call W6BSA, during the 52nd JOTA, October 17-18, 1000-1500 hours local. Look for them on 21.360, 18.140, 14.290, and 7.190 plus or minus. For QSL card, contact Red Oak Victory Amateur Radio Club, 801 Payne Ct, Richmond, Ca 94806.

The USS Hornet Amateur Radio Club (HARC) will host JOTA station NB6GC from the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier Museum in Alameda, CA.  NB6GC will be open for Scouts visiting the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier Museum from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday, Oct. 17.  HARC expects to be in contact with SS Red Oak Victory on HF and 2 Meters, using the ORCA repeater on 146.880 MHz to coordinate contacts on HF and simplex channels.  NB6GC will operate HF on 7.260 MHz and 14.263 MHz for QSO’s with other JOTA stations.  NB6GC will also conduct Internet VOIP QSO’s on QSONET / CQ100 using the “frequency” of 14.263 MHz.

Comparatively few scouts, in relation to overall membership, are able to travel and participate in a National or International Jamboree. This annual world wide event always held the third weekend in October gives scouts an introduction to amateur radio, the opportunity to participate in an official jamboree, and a glimpse into how vast the world wide scouting movement is.

Local Girl Scout Troops have always participated and are well represented on the air.

If you hear “CQ Jamboree” you are welcome to give them a QSO. Scouts are always interested to talk to other Ham Radio operators and to share your DX experiences.

For more info on this event visit (http://www NULL.scout or email

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ARRL Board Adopts Guidelines and Recommendations on the Appropriate Use of Amateur Radio

Posted by af6aq on 25th September 2009

Attention All Amateurs…

(http://www NULL.arrl ARRL Board Adopts Guidelines and Recommendations on the Appropriate Use of Amateur Radio (Sep 25, 2009) — On Friday, September 25, the ARRL Board of Directors adopted guidelines on the appropriate use of Amateur Radio on behalf of commercial, non-profit and government entities, as well as recommendations for additional steps to be taken by the ARRL to educate radio amateurs and others on how to prepare and train for public service and emergency communications while complying with the current FCC Rules.
Full Story (http://www NULL.arrl

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Webinar Topic “Doing a NIMS Compliant Exercise”

Posted by af6aq on 24th September 2009

The Atlantic Division is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring a webinar about conducting a NIMS compliant exercise.  This webinar will include discussion on the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and how to develop a HSEEP & NIMS compliant exercise.  Will include different types of exercises, how to establish good objectives, and other components of exercise design.

The instructor is Nick Meacher.  Nick holds a degree in Emergency Management, is a FEMA certified Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP) and a HSEEP and NIMS Instructor.  He has designed, conducted and evaluated numerous exercises including tabletops, drills and full scale exercises.  He has over 25 years experience as a responder, both in law enforcement and as a paramedic.  He is a member of the National Capital Region Incident Management Team.

The time for this webinar is Friday, September 25 from 9:00pm to 10:30pm EDT.

There will be a question and answer period at the end of the presentation.

There is no fee for attending this webinar if you listen to this webinar through your computer speakers.  If you have to call in by telephone to hear the audio portion, you may have to pay for a long distance phone call.

This is the link to sign up: (https://www1 NULL.gotomeeting

You’ll want to sign up early as it is expected that attendance for this webinar will be a ‘full house’.

Atlantic Division News
September 23, 2009
Bulletin 2009-08

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Parachute Mobile Event At K6LRG/DE KI6BEN

Posted by af6aq on 21st September 2009

Hello Everyone,
Without your generosity, Mission Control wouldn’t be the success that it was yesterday.  Attached are four photos that I took of Jon (K6OJ) running Mission Control from the K6LRG Contest Station grounds on Patterson Pass ridge, just east of Livermore, CA.  We can’t thank you guys enough for hosting this important and very exciting event for Amateur Radio.  We hope that we can see you again at our next jump event in two weeks!
A Word On Mission Control
Jon and I had a delightful time at the K6LRG Contesting Site yesterday, and the event was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!  Jon organized the gear necessary to setup our Mission Control field station from the K6LRG ground.  Jon leverages a brand new Diamond X-30, held in place by my Ford Escape  ;-)   Jon’s gear worked flawlessly, and we managed to be on station for both jumps.
A Great Job By Our Two Parachute Jumpers
Both Jumper 1 (Michael) and Jumper 2 (Mark – AF6IM) had two (2) successful jumps (one at around 3:30PM and one at around 5:30PM), where they carried 2-meter Amateur Radio tranceivers as well as APRS gear.
During their drops, both jumpers held QSOs with Amateur Radio operators around the San Francisco Bay Area.  We had participation from:
Our Event Operators Made It All Happen
- Mikey (KI6QNZ) developed the APRS radio and associated telemetry hardware and software, worn by our two jumpers.  As I understand it, Mikey’s system sent realtime data to our ground station as well as the APRS digitpeaters in the area, to allow us to keep track of vital signs for our jumpers, as well as their flight paths.
- Andy (KR6DD) received all transmissions from his QTH in Redwood City, he cross-linked the audio feed into EchoLink for other Amateurs to listen-in.  Andy kept in constant contact with Mission Control on 146.460MHz FM simplex, , and he also had direct QSOs with the jumpers.
- Rebar (N6CCH) received jumper and Mission Control status info from his QTH in Redwood City, he relayed that info onto the N6NFI repeater for interested Amateurs that had no FM simplex access.  Rebar kept in constant contact with Mission Control on 146.460MHz FM simplex, , and he also had direct QSOs with the jumpers.
- Jim (KI6YYR received jumper and Mission Control status info from his QTH in Fremont, he relayed that info onto the W6CX repeater for interested Amateurs that had no FM simplex access.    Jim kept in constant contact with Mission Control on 146.460MHz FM simplex, , and he also had direct QSOs with the jumpers.
- Ray (K6RAR) was our Drop Zone control operator, on station at Byron Airport.  Ray was our vital link to jumper status, flight status, weather info and radio testing.  Ray kept in constant contact with Mission Control on 146.460MHz FM simplex, and he also had direct QSOs with the jumpers.
- Also in attendance were dozens of Amateur Radio operators checking in from all over the San Francisco Bay Area via 2-meter FM simplex.
This was a hugely successful event, that will go a long way toward helping us in preparing for the big high-altitude jump event taking place in October 2009.
Have a wonderful day, God Bless and 73s   ;-)

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Communications Support Needed for Dick Collins Firetrails 50, October 10, 2009

Posted by af6aq on 21st September 2009

I am once again, after a year or two off, coordinating communications for the Bay Area Ultra Runners’ Dick Collins Firetrails 50. This is a 50 mile race run (mostly over East Bay Regional Parks land) from Castro Valley (Lake Chabot Marina) to Berkeley (Lone Oak picnic area in Tilden park) AND BACK. There’s also a “mere” marathon run concurrently. The event is coming up fast and we need help again. This is a great chance to work with a terrific communications team to support a truly class event. (You can read all about FT50 at (http://www NULL.firetrails50 ) It never fails to be a learning experience, even for those of us who have been doing public service and emergency communications for years.

This is a before-dawn to after-dark event (though only the insane work all those hours.) There are posts where a hand-held easily does the job, and others where some laws of physics must be strained to secure communications. Most posts can be driven to. One is a hike, or a run, or a bike ride. There’s something for everybody!

There will be further mailings, but if you want to get in on the fun please let me know as soon as possible. If you already know where/when you want to work, tell me. If you have time/travel restrictions, tell me that. If you need more information, tell me that. Please respond to (http://us NULL.mc810 NULL.mail null@null sbcglobal

Neil Fullagar, K6NCX
for 2009 Firetrails 50 & Golden Hills Marathon Communications
Alameda County Sheriff’s Communications Team

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