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Nominations Now Being Accepted for the George Hart Distinguished Service Award

Posted by af6aq on 16th September 2009

At its July 2009 meeting, the ARRL Board of Directors established the George Hart Distinguished Service Award to be given to an ARRL member whose service to the League’s Field Organization is of the most exemplary nature. The Distinguished Service Award is named in honor of George Hart, W1NJM. Hart was a long-time Communications Manager at ARRL Headquarters and chief developer of the National Traffic System (NTS). Upon learning that the ARRL Board of Directors had established this award named after him, Hart called his namesake award “a great honor.”

Selection criteria include:

  • Operating record with the National Traffic System; or
  • Participation within the Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®); or
  • Station appointments and/or leadership positions held within the ARRL Field Organization.

 Nominations for the George Hart Distinguished Service Award shall be accepted from anyone and shall be submitted to the Membership and Volunteer Programs Manager at ARRL Headquarters by November 1. Nominations should document as thoroughly as possible the nominee’s lifetime activities and achievements within the ARRL Field Organization. It is expected that nominated candidates will have 15 or more years of distinguished service. The Programs and Services Committee will serve as the Review Committee, with the Board of Directors making the final determination at its Annual Meeting in January. Recipients will be given an engraved plaque and cover letter, and will be profiled in QST.

Nominations for the George Hart Distinguished Service Award, including any related supporting material and letters of recommendation, may be e-mailed to ARRL Headquarters to the attention of ARRL Membership and Volunteer Programs Manager Dave Patton, NN1N, or to ARRL Field and Public Service Team Supervisor Steve Ewald, WV1X. Nominations and supporting materials must be received no later than November 1, 2009 to be considered.

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Benicia Amateur Radio Operators Participate in Emergency Drill

Posted by af6aq on 15th September 2009

As part of the annual Simulated Emergency Test, the Benicia Amateur Radio Club participated in National Preparedness month on Sept 12, 2009, side by side the Benicia Emergency Response Team, (BERT) the city of Benicia’s CERT organization. Neither wind nor rain nor dark of morn could deter participants as a rare September rain storm hit the Bay Area. The drill conducted at the Benicia Fire Museum, centered on a BERT emergency medicine and triage training exercise and was replete with nine members of the high school drama club moulaged up with some rather serious injuries. BERT teams conducted the medical side of the drill under the guidance of Benicia trauma surgeon Dr. Carolyn Lobo, KI6HWI while Amateur Radio Operators under the guidance of Len Corbaley, KB6EOC station manager, provided communications between the disaster scene and a simulated EOC set up at City Hall. Hams deployed their new Go-Kit at the City Hall site and operating as KB6EOC, Benicia Command, conducted the full event off of portable equipment without the use of commercial power. Traffic consisted of damage assessment updates but primarily focused on medical summaries and vital victim information needed by simulated disaster managers.

A total of approximately 60 people participated.

Participating either as BERT team members or communicators were the following Amateur Radio Operators:
Dave Beemon, KG6SYR
Dr. Carolyn Lobo, KG6HWI
Virginia Schaefer, WA6DOV
Marion McKown, KG6SYM
Jean Colomy, KG6SYJ
Dr. Constance Beutel, KI6AZV
Len Corbaley, W6LHC
Gerry Patten, W6AET
Richard Gaul, K2GMY
Sue Mayoff, WA6AGP
Larry Loomer, KI6LMB
Art Mayoff, AB6HB

A video of the BERT side of the drill is available on You Tube at

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Posted by af6aq on 15th September 2009

Pleasanton Hunt 6:00 pm Sept 19th Talk-in 147.12 + PL 100
Rich KN6FW will be the fox.

Fremont Hunt 6:00 pm Oct 3rd Talk-in WA6PWW 147.015+ PL 103.5
Steve KA6S will be the fox.
“Challenge hunt for dopplers”

For directions or more info please call Rich KN6FW at 925-462-1467
73 KN6FW

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September 2009, Fremont T-hunt Results

Posted by af6aq on 6th September 2009

The September Fremont Area transmitter hunt was yesterday(Saturday, September 5).

I hid the transmitter (fox box). There were several new people hunting so I made it an easy hunt. I hid it at Kato road just north of the bridge over Mission Blvd. Kato parallels 880 on the East side, just over the fence. I placed the fox box in a small bush next to the road, turned it on and waited. I only had waited 20 minutes when Steve and family showed up. Lowest mileage wins and they had only traveled 1.6 miles. They had taken the shortest route possible so the only question was would anyone tie for first place. No one did.

Actually finding me was a bit tricky for many. I was next to the brand new and very complex 880 / Mission Blvd interchange so most folks were confused by that, plus if you were on mission West of the last light before 880 (Warm Springs Blvd), you were forced on to 880, unlike the old interchange. You  would drive by the fox but would have to go north or south on 880 to the next interchange before you could turn around, adding perhaps another 4 miles.  ;>   Also if you came down Warren Avenue instead of Mission and missed the turn at Kato, you would wind up over 880 into the industrial park west of 880. I am not sure how you could get back as that part of the interchange may not be finished yet.

When it was over, all 7 teams totaling 13 people had found me. The highest milage was Gary (KJ6AMG) at 9 miles but, since this was only his second hunt, the first without me, and he was testing out his new doppler system, (and  because he is a good friend of mine ;> ) I awarded the “Opec” awarded for the highest milage to our most experienced hunter, Rich H. at 8.5 miles.

Then it was off to the near by Round table Pizza on mission Blvd for sustenance, libation and witty banter.

Steve will by the fox for next month’s Fremont Area hunt. See you there.

Don Safer  KC6IPO

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