ARRL East Bay Section

Benicia ARC Participates in California Drill

Posted by af6aq on November 14th, 2009

The Benicia Amateur Radio Club conducted a 10 hour drill on Oct 15th as part of the “Great California Shakeout.” Launched at 1015 hrs, stations from Solano, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties checked in hourly simulating their availability. As directed by the¬†Auxiliary Communication Service (ACS) of¬†Solano County OES, Amateur Radio Operators are not to self-deploy but rather, to check in on their ACS repeaters and await assignments. This drill was intended to provide a typical resource list of such available stations.

The initial activation of the Benicia EOC Amateur Radio room began just after 1000 hrs with two Division Fire Chiefs observing. Following the first of eleven hourly nets, the Fire Chiefs expressed how impressed they were with the wide ranging turnout. Newspaper coverage announced the planned event for some very positive coverage.

Averaging 18 to 20 Amateurs each hour resulted in a total of over 200 checkins operating from batteries, vehicles and generators proving that loss of commercial power would not present a problem as 100% of the participants were using alternative power sources. The drill concluded at 2008 hrs.

Thanks to members of Satern, MDARC, Benicia CERT (BERT) and Benicia ARC for their participation.

Congratulations to all on a successful drill.< Art Mayoff, AB6HB, ACS Team Leader