ARRL East Bay Section

Nov. 7 Fremont Transmitter Hunt

Posted by af6aq on November 14th, 2009

I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout for this hunt–seven teams. The transmitter was turned on at 4:50 PM.

Don KD6IRE found the T first and with the best mileage at 10.9 miles. That’s almost a straight line to the T.  Well done!

10.9 miles, KD6IRE, (Don) arrived 5:55 PM
11.1 miles, AB6BR, (Tony) arrived 5:56, tied for first (10% rule)
11.6 miles, KJ6AMG, (Gary) arrived 6:37, tied for first (10% rule)
14.2 miles, N6YIF, (Pete) arrived 6:25
16.2 miles, KN6FW, (Rich) arrived 6:00

Two teams didn’t finish the hunt:

The transmitter was located in North Fremont at the Quarry Lakes Park on the trailhead at the south end of the parking lot near Paseo Padre PKWY and Isherwood Way.  The transmitter was putting out 8.5 watts into a 5/8 wave mag mount (on a piece of sheet metal) at ground level along the east side of a north-south running chain link fence.

73, Gary WB6YRU (The fox)