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Get on the Air Class

Posted by af6aq on February 24th, 2010

MDARC is holding a free two part “Get on the Air Class” March 3rd  and March 4th 2010 in Concord. Part I of the class will begin at 7:00 pm on Wedensday 3rd March and will finish around 9:00 pm.  Students are encouraged to bring their HT and User Guide to the class. Part II of the class will begin at 7:00 pm on Thursday 4th March. For a class outline see below.

These class sessions will be held at the Concord Salvation Army facility 3950 Clayton Road, Concord CA 94521. Instructors will be David Haycock, KI6AWR and Paul Bailey-Gates, KA6GEM.   Advanced registration is not required. 
For more information contact David Haycock, KI6AWR ( or Paul Bailey Gates (

PART I – Understanding the 2 Meter Band and how to use your HT

  • Tech Class Operating Privileges
  •  Getting your bearings

o       Band Plans: How the 2 Meter Band is Organized

  • Handi-Talkies –  Anatomy of a hand-held transceiver (HT)

o       Quick overview of some common makes and models

o       Familiarity with basic controls on your HT

  • Get On the Air

o       Etiquette, Protocol and Voice Projection

§         What to say and how and when to say it

o       A Simplex QSO

  • Important HT Accessories

o       External antennas to increase range

o       Spare Battery and/or Power Supply

§         Battery care

§         External power supplies

  • More radio features

o       Scanning

o       Dual Watch

PART II – Understanding Repeaters, Programming your HT and Nets

  • Brief overview of the 70 cm band plan
  • Repeater Review (Simplex vs. Duplex)

o       Fixed frequency for Tx / Rx

o       Offsets and Reverse

o       CTCSS “PL” Tones

  • Programming your HT for Repeater Use (V O T E)
  • Using your HT memories

o       Organizing your radio memory usage

o       Using a PC to store settings

  • A QSO on a Repeater

o       Repeater etiquette and protocol

  • What a net is and how it works

o       Participation in our own special net

  • Advanced Applications

o       IRLP / Echolink, APRS, SSTV, PSK31