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Posted by af6aq on 16th March 2010

Pleasanton Hunt 6:00 pm March 20th Talk-in 147.12 + PL 100
Tony AB6BR will be the fox.

Fremont Hunt 6:00 pm April 3rd Talk-in WA6PWW 147.015+ PL 103.5
Bernhard AE6YN will be the fox.

For directions or more info please call Rich KN6FW at 925-462-1467
73 KN6FW

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25-25 WIDE Net on 3-24-10: Our Three-Year Anniversary/Extended Coverage?

Posted by af6aq on 3rd March 2010

As you may recall, my name is John Vargas and I am the co-founder of The 25-25 Net…
…a SF Bay Area 2-meter sideband Net that is held on Wednesday nights at 8:00PM (144.230 MHz USB).
In the past three years ARRL and the SideWinders On Two club has been very supportive of The 25-25 Net.  We really appreciate your support by publicizing it on ARRL section Web pages and other news, and by QSTs sent to The SideWinders On Two Club.
Wednesday March 24, 2010 marks our three-year anniversary in the Sideband Net business.  To celebrate that, we’re holding a special 25-25 WIDE session of the net.
Our NetControls
Central Valley and Sierras: Chris (N6WM), will kick the Net off, from the K6LRG Contest Station in the Livermore Hills
Bay Area: Sawson (KG6NUB), from the W6YX Contest Station at Stanford University
Central Coast: Rich (KE1B), from his QTH atop the Santa Cruz Mountains
Logging: Joe (WB6TFD), Dan (N6WN), Jerry (N6BY) and I (KI6BEN) will give up our NetControl hats, and we will sit on the sidelines and log contacts.
At the top of the hour at 8:00PM, Chris (N6WM) will kickoff the call for check-ins, and he will pass off to the next NetControl, and they will alternate through the duration of the net.
We hope this will give all a chance to check-in.  We’re looking forward to hearing folks from all over Northern California.
Have a wonderful day, God Bless and 73   😉
John Vargas
The 25-25 Net

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EMCOMM WEST Presentation on “PavePAWS”

Posted by af6aq on 3rd March 2010


EMCOMMWEST 2010 Forum, Saturday Morning, 9:00 a.m. – Promenade Room

Lt Col Corey Keppler, USAF

Lieutanant Colonel Corey Keppler is Commander of the 7th Space Warning Squadron at Beale Air Force Base, California. Colonel Keppler will host a two-hour forum and Q&A session on Pave PAWS at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning. The discussion will center around the Pave PAWS 70cm band restrictions surrounding Beale AFB in Northern California.  The presentation will be made by Colonel Keppler and his staff who work directly with the project at Beale. They will present an overview of the unit mission, explain the project, their use of the 420-450 MHz band and why the mitigation of interference is important to their mission.  Their presentation will be followed by a full hour of Q&A to answer questions from the amateur radio community.

Pave PAWS for Peace

The heart of the nation’s missile warning capabilities, the Pave Phased Array Warning System, or Pave PAWS, has been monitoring the skies surrounding North America since the early 1980s. The system’s main purpose is to detect and track both intercontinental and sea-launched ballistic missiles. It’s a job it does well.

“If something’s out there, we’ll see it,” said Colonel Keppler in a 2009 interview. “And that’s really what our job is, to detect launches, track them and provide data to the right agencies.”

Beale Air Force Base is one of five Pave PAWS sites that are scattered around the globe. For more information on Pave PAWS, you can view the Pave PAWS Fact Sheet.

General Session Forums and Exhibits require a badge:  REGISTRATION

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Beale Air Force Radar and the Amateur 70 cm Band – MDARC Meeting March 19

Posted by af6aq on 3rd March 2010

To MDARC AND our colleagues in the Amateur Radio Community;

On March 19, 2010 MDARC will be visited by Lt. Coln. Keppler and Captain Leineger from Seventh Space Warning Squadron at BEALE Air Force Base.

These two US Air Force officers will present a program at the MDARC meeting on the upgraded radar system that we share the 440 band with. 

You and your ARRL affliated organization are cordially invited to join us.

It is important that we all attend so we may understand the mission of the Beale Air Force Space Warning radar system.  We share the 70 cm band with the Beal radar system for which the FCC has assigned the primary use for the band. 

Our Amateur radio operations on 440 MHz crucially affect the Air Force radar noise threshold and the ability of the Beale radar to detect and resolve space objects.

We have been asked to lower transmitter power of a number of 440 band repeaters in Northern CA to reduce the noise threshold at the Beal AFB radar.

The missions of the Seventh Space Warning Squadron at BEALE AFB are:

(1.)  Detect and track hostile missiles from the moment of launch.
(2.)  Guide US defensive interceptor missiles, to destroy these hostile missiles in flight.
(3.)  To track thousands of space debris objects.

Even miniscule space debris poses a threat of serious damage to the International Space Station, Space Shuttle, the GPS satilites and communications satellites.

Our meeting will be held at Our Saviors Lutheran Church, 1035 Carol Lane, Lafayette, CA at 7:30PM. 

Due to another major event at the church that night we are upstairs in the sanctuary that seats 330 people.

Our normal parking lot will probably be full with the other event so we will use the upper parking lot and street parking. Please do not park directly on the street in front of the church because that is an enforced no parking zone.

We ask that if possible, you car pool to this meeting and monitor 147.06 W6CX repeater for parking instructions.  If you should have questions, please contact us at jtronan@aol. com or 510 649 9045.

My most cordial 73,


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