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Posted by af6aq on 8th June 2010


JUNE 12 2010



The Parachute Mobile Project (www.parachutemobile .org) will be participating in the ARRL June VHF QSO party by conducting ham radio jumps on Saturday June 12, 2010 starting at approximately 1:30 PM at the Bay Area Skydiving DZ at the Byron CA airport.

Mark Meltzer AF6IM will be jumping solo from 14,000 feet and operating 2 meter SSB on 144.200 MHz USB. Mark will QSY up as QRM, QRN and other conditions may require. 146.460 MHz FM simplex will be used for mission tactical operations comms. Jump times will vary depending on winds and aircraft loads. Tandem jumpers get boarding priority as they fund the DZ operations, so please be patient. We hope to make at least two jumps during the afternoon and possibly three. Mark will be using the special event call sign K6J during his descents. The jumps will be HAHO (high altitude high opening) to give maximum hang time for QSOs.

Special event QSL cards will be issued to listeners who provide verifiable reception details and to ham contacts who QSL and send a SASE to AF6IM at his qrz.commailing address. Mark will carry an APRS telemetry beacon built by Mike Pechner NE6RD and Scott Miller N1VG which will transmit his call sign (AF6IM), GPS data and heart rate and blood oxygen levels. APRS data can be viewed at http://aprs. fi/ using AF6IM as the search term. Updated jump schedule info will be posted on Twitter. Twitter ID is parachutemobile.

Jon Gaefell, K6OJ, will be operating Mission Control assisted by Robert Coppock, KF0G from a mountain peak at or near Mt. Diablo. Mission Control will be operating/listening on 144.200 MHz USB and 146.460 Mhz FM simplex. Ray Rogoway W6RAR will be conducting drop zone relay comms. Rob Fenn KC6TYD will perform pre-flight safety checks including jumper medical condition, and will confirm that the jumper’s radio gear will not impede operation of his main or emergency parachute systems.

Please join us for a unique parachute mobile QSO. We won’t be able to give you a lot of contest points or multipliers but you will have the fun of working a ham parachutist in flight. We expect a contact horizon of at least 100 miles during the higher altitude portions of the jump and perhaps much further if conditions are favorable. The theoretical radio horizon calculated at 14,000 ft is 118 miles.

The drop zone at Byronhttp://www.bayareas kydiving. com welcomes spectators, but pets must remain in vehicles. There is no admission charge and plenty of free parking. Spectators must stay away from parachutes being packed and remain outside of jumper landing areas.

Feel free to re-post this in any ham radio venue where it may be of interest. Please pass the word and join the fun.

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