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Norcal QRP Club Fall QRP Gathering and Conference

Posted by k6jeb on 22nd September 2010

Norcal is happy to announce another QRP gathering to be held in silicon valley on the second weekend of October. This is one not to miss if you are in the area.

Admission: Free, registration required. Please register here.

Speakers : TBA

Norcal QRP Club Fall QRP Gathering and Conference

Dates: October 8 and 9 2010

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Milpitas, CA

Booking through the folowing link:
Note: We have a spacial room rate and you must book your reservation by September 24

Or by calling the hotel directly at: 1-888-233-9527

Come out and join us for two days of fun in silicon valley. Friday will start with an afternoon tour of local surplus electronics stores. Friday evening will be a no host dinner at hometown buffet, located in the shopping center across 237 from the hotel. After dinner, we will gather in the hotel for vendor night. Saturday will consist of presentations from 10:30 to 12:30 and 2:30 to 4:30 PM. Then a break for dinner on your own followed by flea market and vendors.


Friday afternoon – Tour of local surplus electronic stores
Friday evening – No host dinner at Hometown Buffet
Friday evening – Vendor night
Satuday morning – swap meet
10:30 – Thomas Kuhl will talk on using TI software to help design and evaluate radios
12:30 – Darrel Swenson and Dean Davis will talk on starting and maintaining a local building group.
2:30 – Ed Brennheiser will talk on operating portable from the AT trail
4:30 – Stan Arnett will talk about how to do a QRP DXpedition to a foreign country
Saturday evening – Dinner on your own
Vendor night
Single item Auction (bring one and only one item for a very informal auction)
QRP Show and tell. Good opportunity to show off to others what you have been up to.

So again, thanks to everyone for their continued support with Norcal QRP Club

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NCCC’s 40th Anniversary Special Event

Posted by k6jeb on 20th September 2010


The Northern California Contest Club is having a party and you’re all invited! This year marks 40 years of excellence in amateur radio contesting for NCCC, and to share our excitement, we’re having a special on-air celebration.  It’s the NCCC 40th Anniversary Party — a two week event taking place from September 18 to October 1, 2010, and open to all amateurs worldwide.

During this time period, which includes the NCCC-sponsored Sprints ( and precedes the California QSO Party (, NCCC members and club stations will be “on the air” — ready to have a 40th Year QSO with you.  To facilitate easier identification during this event, NCCC member stations have been encouraged to add “/40” to their callsigns, during non-contest periods.  In addition there will be a few 1×1 special event callsigns assigned, which will also count as NCCC members stations.  A complete list of all eligible NCCC stations and callsigns can be found at:

To further commemorate this event, NCCC is offering an attractive Certificate to anyone who works at least 40 NCCC member stations during this 40th Birthday Party event.

So please mark your calendars now, and help us celebrate 40 Years of memories in this great hobby.  CU On The Air!

Your NCCC 40th Anniversary Committee

Event Details

Eligible Stations:
1. All amateur radio stations may participate.
2. You can work an NCCC station for credit only once regardless of band and mode (see list here)
3. NCCC members are encouraged to add /40 to their call signs for easier identification on-the-air and be as active as possible during this event.

Exact Dates and Time: 0000 UTC September 18 until 2359 UTC October 1, 2010

Bands: All Amateur Radio Bands

Modes: All Modes (CW, Phone, Digital)

Exchange: Recommended (not required):
1. NCCC member stations: RS(T) + California County. This will help you qualify for the NCCC sponsored WACC award.
2. Non-NCCC stations: RS(T) + State. DX stations outside the U.S. and its territories send RS(T) + “DX”.

Note:  Stations operating during contest periods send exchange in accordance with contest rules

40th Anniversary Commemorative Certificate:
1. This special certificate is available for making contacts with at least forty (40) NCCC member stations — any band, any mode — during the event period.
2. No RS(T) data other than worked eligible call signs will be required to apply for the award.
3. Apply for the award online at
4. Please make sure your entry has been submitted by October 31, 2010.

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KID’S CLUB Amateur Radio Exposure Units

Posted by af6aq on 14th September 2010

Hello Everyone:

Ryan is kind enough to post this announcement for your attention.

I started a project over eleven years ago now to expose hospitalized children and their families to the joys of amateur radio in an easy to manage, attractive way. This project started out with KID’S CLUB amateur radio exposure units. I gave a KID’S CLUB unit to a pediatric cardiologist who is also an amateur radio operator to supervise its use for the hospitalized children in Tampa Children’s Hospital. Since that first placement over eleven years ago, the project has grown, but no further units have been placed in children’s hospitals or Ronald McDonald Houses.

I have expanded this project greatly. The KID’S CLUB aspect of the project now has a “ComCage” unit also. The hospitalized children and their families can now be given a choice to take home a KID’S CLUB amateur radio exposure unit, or a “ComCage” amateur radio exposure unit after a monetary deposit is made with Child Life staff in the children’s hospital or Ronald McDonald House. After the young patient and his/her family enjoys the unit at home, the patient could purchase the unit by forfeiting the deposit, or return the unit to the hospital or Ronald McDonald House for a return of his/her deposit.

I have a neat video of the demonstration KID’S CLUB unit on the project blog at: .  I also have pictures of the prototype “ComCage” unit. Future ComCage units will be attractive, much smaller and lighter than the un-attractive,big and heavy prototype unit you see in the blog. However, the functionality will still be the same- everything to get on the air would be in this portable unit on wheels, including the fact that the ComCage unit can act as it’s own support for the antennas and mast during use.

I am searching for sponsors for this project to place the KID’S CLUB unit and/or ComCage units in your local children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses and supervise their use.  This would make a great club project.  I would be overjoyed to donate my demonstration KID’S CLUB unit to you if you have Child Life Specialists or local Ronald McDonald House staff in your local area willing to give this project a try.  You can feel free to contact me or Ryan. My email address is:  Thanks very much and I certainly hope for your interest in getting this started in your areas.

Sincerely yours,
Duane Wyatt WA0MJD

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Ham Radio Test Session Sept 25th

Posted by af6aq on 14th September 2010

The Benicia Amateur Radio Club will conduct an ARRL VE Ham Radio test session at the downtown Benicia Fire Station at 150 Military West on Saturday September 25th, 2010 between 9 AM and Noon, cutoff to start testing is 11 AM. Enter via the West 2nd Street door – not the front door of the Fire Station.  The Benicia Amateur Radio Club  is a community-service-oriented non-profit group that works with the Benicia Fire Department and the Benicia Emergency Response Team to provide communications in the event of a disaster.

The examination session is administered under guidelines issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by accredited examiners. This session occurs periodically in Benicia and prospective Ham operators or existing Hams interested in upgrading their license are invited to attend. The exam administration fee is $15, cash or check. (Sorry, no debit or credit cards accepted.) Applicants must bring a government issued photo ID (DL or passport). In the case of children or when no photo ID is available, please email (address below) for additional info.

Existing licensees wishing to upgrade must bring their original license plus a photocopy of it. Retests of a failed exam at the same test session will require payment of an additional test fee and a different test will be administered. Walk-ins accepted – no pre-registration is required. As required by the FCC, applicants will be required to provide their S.S. number or their FRN nubber as part of the application process. Additional information, contact

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Operators Needed For Communications Support, Firetrails 50, October 9

Posted by af6aq on 13th September 2010

I want to invite you to join  members of Alameda County Sheriff’s Communications Team and Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club, and others in providing communications support for the Dick Collins Firetrails 50 & Golden Hills Trail Marathon, October 9, 2010. This 50 mile footrace and concurrent “mere” marathon are run in the East Bay hills between Lake Chabot Marina and Lone Oak Picnic Area in Tilden Park, starting before dawn and ending after dark.

Please  take a look at  That site (still incompete) is specifically devoted to communications support, while is the general source for information on the event. I suggest you look at both. (If working as intended, neither site requires an invitation or sign on to view.)

One thing I want to make clear is that while this is an extended operation, participation for a few hours is more than welcome. There are assignments calling for 50 watts, robust antennas, and perhaps at times smoke and mirrors, but there are also assignments available requiring only a handheld.

Thanks for your help.

Neil Fullagar, K6NCX
for 2010 Firetrails 50 & Golden Hills Marathon communications
Alameda County Sheriff’s Communications Team

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