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KID’S CLUB Amateur Radio Exposure Units

Posted by af6aq on September 14th, 2010

Hello Everyone:

Ryan is kind enough to post this announcement for your attention.

I started a project over eleven years ago now to expose hospitalized children and their families to the joys of amateur radio in an easy to manage, attractive way. This project started out with KID’S CLUB amateur radio exposure units. I gave a KID’S CLUB unit to a pediatric cardiologist who is also an amateur radio operator to supervise its use for the hospitalized children in Tampa Children’s Hospital. Since that first placement over eleven years ago, the project has grown, but no further units have been placed in children’s hospitals or Ronald McDonald Houses.

I have expanded this project greatly. The KID’S CLUB aspect of the project now has a “ComCage” unit also. The hospitalized children and their families can now be given a choice to take home a KID’S CLUB amateur radio exposure unit, or a “ComCage” amateur radio exposure unit after a monetary deposit is made with Child Life staff in the children’s hospital or Ronald McDonald House. After the young patient and his/her family enjoys the unit at home, the patient could purchase the unit by forfeiting the deposit, or return the unit to the hospital or Ronald McDonald House for a return of his/her deposit.

I have a neat video of the demonstration KID’S CLUB unit on the project blog at: .  I also have pictures of the prototype “ComCage” unit. Future ComCage units will be attractive, much smaller and lighter than the un-attractive,big and heavy prototype unit you see in the blog. However, the functionality will still be the same- everything to get on the air would be in this portable unit on wheels, including the fact that the ComCage unit can act as it’s own support for the antennas and mast during use.

I am searching for sponsors for this project to place the KID’S CLUB unit and/or ComCage units in your local children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses and supervise their use.  This would make a great club project.  I would be overjoyed to donate my demonstration KID’S CLUB unit to you if you have Child Life Specialists or local Ronald McDonald House staff in your local area willing to give this project a try.  You can feel free to contact me or Ryan. My email address is:  Thanks very much and I certainly hope for your interest in getting this started in your areas.

Sincerely yours,
Duane Wyatt WA0MJD