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Posted by af6aq on 14th January 2011

MDARC TECH SATURDAY: First meeting will be generally about “antenna topics”  Format will be drop-in, open house.  Come any time, leave any time, have a cuppa, join the discussion.

Saturday January 15, 2011, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

The Fireside Room, Salvation Army, Clayton Rd. at West St., Concord, CA

During the Extra Class study sessions we discovered a hunger on the part of many of our students for more in-depth talk on the many amateur topics that the Extra Class question pool touches upon.  At times, the conversations during the break seemed more stimulating than the actual lecture.  In honor of this natural curiosity about technical subjects, we hope to provide a forum for hams to encounter one another and both learn something new, and contribute to what someone else doesn’t know yet. Elmering is an art that needs reviving, and we aim to provide a “seedbed” for that essential amateur activity.  Also, we hope to make this a monthly event.

The format will be “open house,” meaning drop in when you can, leave when you want to.  I will be in attendance, hopefully with an internet connection to search things out.  We hope to generate as many side conversations as possible.  Since there is a kitchen adjacent to the room, we can probably offer you a cup of coffee.  Bring donuts if you like!The first session will be loosely centered around building antennas, or antenna questions in general.

My dad taught me many years ago that one dollar spent on your antenna is worth ten dollars spent on your linear amplifier.  Given the price of legal limit amps, vs. the cost of a good antenna, I think he is still right about that.

So we hope to learn some things.  Bring your questions AND your experience.  We hope to have a lively discussion, and one which will sharpen all of our radio skills.

Additional announcement regarding a future Extra Class:

I am not in a position to offer that course any time soon.   Other things (primarily school) are simply taking priority.   Besides, we have learned that there is a limit to what can be productively taught in a classroom format for the multitude of subjects covered by the question pool.  A certain amount of self-study is essential, and we have evidence that even the most “technically challenged” can study enough to pass the exam and become licensed.

I’ll be glad to chat with anyone who shows up at the TECH SATURDAY, and asks about studying for the exam.  There are well-proven resources that make self-study a very efficient task, and I’d be glad to share those resources with you.

Glen Rickerd  NO6W

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