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Final AM-TECH Day – Sat. June 11

Posted by af6aq on 9th June 2011

For more than seven years Am-Tech day has embodied what it means to be an amateur radio operator. Dave Cooper, K6WA has worked tirelessly on an event that combines the excitement of new technology with good old-fashion radio fun. Whether folks were enjoying the BBQ lunch or the incredible list of speakers that have been featured over the years, Am-Tech Day became an institution on the Peninsula and beyond. For many, just getting the chance to operate on-air with the GOTA (Get On The Air) station was for many folks their first opportunity to operate an amateur radio, and likely launched a lifelong journey to exploring this hobby. At the heart, Am-Tech day brought amateur radio technology to the people, and showcased what is possible in amateur radio today. It will be greatly missed.

Now that the final scheduled event will take place this Saturday, June 11th at SLAC, won’t you please join us in making this event the largest, finest send off ever? Please find some time to come out, and personally thank Dave, K6WA for the really incredible legacy he has provided us. The event runs from 8am to 6pm. Directions and details are available at

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UC Berkeley Ham Club W6BB net Wednesdays at Noon

Posted by af6aq on 8th June 2011

Howdy East Bay Hams!
I’m sending this since I know there are a few Cal students/staff/faculty/alumni/retired/emeritus among you who have been patiently awaiting the revival of W6BB. Well, we now have a Wednesday NOON (1900UTC) BEARS NET that begins on the WA2UNP repeater and then migrates around 12:05pm (local) (1905UTC) to the WA6HAM repeater system, which CAN be accessed via Echolink (so if you’re not within range, you can participate).

We’d love to have you aboard! We won’t take much of your time, but we appreciate your participation.

Here are the details for these repeaters:

WA2UNP – 440.900MHz ( + ) PL 131.8 Hz (Berkeley)

WA6HAM – 147.735MHz ( – ) PL 107.2 Hz (Also available via Echolink)
145.410MHz ( – ) PL 107.2 Hz
145.490MHz ( – ) PL 107.2 Hz

Please pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested. We very much would love to have Cal alumni/retired/emeritus link back up with us here at W6BB.

72/73 and GOOD DX!!!
Jack Burris, K6JEB

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Posted by af6aq on 8th June 2011

The NARCC Spectrum Management Committee (SMC) is looking for a few good men! We are presently examining the VHF and UHF bands trying to accommodate new technologies that don’t really fit anywhere right now.

If you have a desire to help shape the future band plans for the VHF and UHF bands please join us at the Spectrum Management Committee, or SMC for short. We can be found on the Yahoo Groups page, search for and you can get in on the action and help come up with a new VHF and UHF spectrum management band plan.

We want as many operator areas represented in the spectrum management planning process as possible, that means repeater owners/users; packet users; simplex users; satellite and weak-signal users, SSB and AM users, everyone who uses the VHF or UHF bands are encouraged to get involved in how your spectrum will be changed. And it will be changed!

Be part of the process instead of simply having to live with the results. We are moving ahead, and we want you to join us in this very important work. Please sign up for the narcc-spectrum yahoo group, and read some of the posts and the files.

Your voice should be heard, and we welcome all interested parties who have a desire to help us make sure everyone is represented.

Please contact the Chairman of the Spectrum Management Committee, Shorty K6JSI at if you would like to participate in the issues we are facing, and help with a solution.

Your opinion is important to our moving forward with the goal of helping to make a better amateur radio hobby, serving all of our needs. Please get involved and become part of the solution. Your voice counts, and we want to hear it.

Shorty K6JSI
Committee ChairmanEmail me at

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Joplin needs met – thanks!

Posted by af6aq on 5th June 2011

From: National Director SATERN
Sent: Sun 6/5/2011 4:32 PM



I have been told that all amateur operator slots have been filled up until June 10, 6:00 PM EDT. We have everyone we need thanks to the surge of support from ARRL/ARES operators.

When the ARRL brings its full weight to bear to assist us, it is not only dynamic but inspirational.

Thanks for helping The Salvation Army in its quest to assist those in Joplin who suffered through this ordeal.

Your help is significant.

Best regards to all and God bless you.


Patrick E. McPherson
Major (R)
National Director

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SATERN Volunteers requested for Joplin, Missouri

Posted by af6aq on 3rd June 2011

June 3, 2011

In accord with our Memorandum of Understanding with The Salvation Army, we are looking for volunteers to aid them in their work in Joplin, Missouri at this time.  There is a specific process to be followed in doing this, so please read this information carefully.

The Salvation Army continues to provide food, drink and other items of basic care to survivors and rescue workers in the impacted areas of Joplin, MO.  While cell phone coverage is no longer much of a problem in Joplin, amateur radio continues to be important in certain operations such as those of the Salvation Army where the ability for several persons to hear what is going on at the same time is an asset.

As a SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) operator, if deployed, you will be asked to go out on Salvation Army vehicles into the areas impacted by the Joplin tornado to supply logistical support.  The Salvation Army vehicles supply basic human needs (particularly food and drink) and you will play a big part in the operation.  You will relay information as to inventory, requests for food and drink, maintenance problems that develop, etc.   It may surprise you, but at certain periods of the day the radio traffic has been almost constant.  The Salvation Army Disaster Response Operations are now running from 7 a.m. to as late as 9 p.m.


Wait to be contacted for possible deployment and assignment.

The qualifications for being assigned are:

ü  Technician or higher Amateur Radio license.

ü  Good health – you will encounter 100 degree heat, exertion and long hours.  You need to be in good shape!

ü  Ability to take on a 3 to 5 day deployment in the field.

ü  Have an HT and a mobile (VHF/UHF) radio – also having APRS is a big plus.

ü  Experience with disaster responses.  ARES leadership experience a plus.

ü  NIMS/ICS training with a minimum of IS-100, IS-200 completed.


The process to volunteer is:


1.  Send an email to (Include name, call, contact information (phone & email), location and specific information on how you meet each of the criteria above)

2.  Your information will be checked against the current needs

3.  If cleared, your contact information will be sent to our liaison with SATERN field leadership.

4.  If assigned, you will be contacted by SATERN directly and given further instructions.

The Salvation Army will try to supply you with some type of lodging, if available.  If deployed, you should consider bringing a sleeping bag or make other sleeping arrangements should you need to be housed at the Salvation Army.

SATERN operations in Joplin are being held on the 147.00 (positive offset) repeater.  If you are deployed, you will need at minimum a 2-meter handheld radio with a spare battery pack (or cigarette lighter adapter) and a magnetic mount antenna.  Due to some communications problems experienced on 2-meters within the impacted area, a 2-meter mobile radio with magnetic mount antenna would be desirable.  Additional information will be furnished to you.

No reimbursement for travel or any other expenses has been authorized at this time. Therefore, I would recommend that you record your mileage and save your receipts.  You may be able to deduct your mileage from your taxes (consult your tax preparer). The Salvation Army will of course provide you food and drink while on duty.



Thank you!


Steve Ewald, WV1X

Supervisor, Field Organization Team


ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio™


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