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Local ARISS school contact on March 5

Posted by ks6m on March 3rd, 2012

On Monday, March 5, there will be an ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) contact with Dilworth Elementary School in San Jose. The contact will begin within a few minutes of 1833 UTC (10:33 am PST) on March 5 and may last as long as ten minutes.

During this pass the ISS (International Space Station) will travel across Bay Area skies from southwest to northeast. It will reach a maximum elevation of about 62 degrees, at which time it will be northwest of the zenith.

You may be able to hear the transmissions from the ISS in the SF Bay Area during this contact. To listen to the ISS downlink traffic, in which an astronaut will reply to student questions, tune to 145.800 MHz FM. Do not transmit.

The contact will be direct between NA1SS (one of the spacecraft’s ham call signs) and Don Anastasia AA6W. Tim Bosma W6MU is the ARISS mentor coordinating the contact with the school.

The Dilworth ARISS contact is taking place during the Destination Station exhibit at the nearby Tech Museum. The 4th and 5th grade students are involved in a space probe project. The 5th graders have taken a NASA-related field trip. On the day of the contact, the school is expecting Amateur Radio operators to give a presentation of how the equipment works. Immediately following the ARISS contact, the students will participate in breakout sessions (grouped by grade level) to participate in activities related to space and/or Amateur Radio. The students will make a movie of their experience which will also include student–to–student interview segments.