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Seven-Week Class for the Technician-Class License

Posted by ks6m on August 6th, 2013

A seven-week Thursday-evenings class leading to the FCC Technician-class Amateur Radio license is scheduled to start August 22, 2013.

All classes are from 7-9 pm in the Fireside Room, The Salvation Army, 3950 Clayton Rd. Concord, 94521. The cross street is West St.

If you have friends with an interest in getting the Technician license or taking an upgrade class email: and an auto reply registration form will be emailed back to you. When you receive the registration form, REPLY, fill out the information and send the reply back. Always include/ADD your FCC call sign if you have one, or otherwise your initials, in the SUBJECT line of the email.

The next General license class has not been scheduled. The next Amateur Extra license class has not been scheduled. BUT if you are interested in upgrading your license, PLEASE email and let us know. We are doing a count of those interested. PLEASE include your call sign if you have one when sending us an email.

General and Tech classes are held Thursday evenings, while the Extra class will be Wednesdays.

We do not have a one day Ham Cram.

License testing is the 3rd Friday of the month at the Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club meeting 6 pm at the church on Carol Lane in Lafayette. See for details and exceptions.

Event and class schedules can be found at

73 to all

Richard E Lueck
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