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ARRL East Bay Section ARES® at Pacificon

Posted by ks6m on September 27th, 2013

There will be excellent learning opportunities, gear for sale, and networking at Pacificon, the annual ARRL Pacific Division convention, on October 11 through 13 (less than 2 weeks away). Hams from all seven sections in the Pacific Division will be present. You must register to attend; registration is available on the Pacificon Web site. Volunteers are still needed and can sign up on that Web site as well. (See also this earlier post.)

The ARRL East Bay Section ARES® (“EB-ARES”) leadership will be presenting three sessions at Pacificon, including an open meeting of EB-ARES. Please attend and participate. These three sessions will be offered one after the other on Sunday morning, October 13, in Salon C. You can find them on the Pacificon Web site by going to the schedule for Salon C and looking under “Sunday”. (If they are moved to other times or locations at Pacificon, we will try to let you know!)

Here are the three sessions as currently scheduled:

Workshop: Digital Emcomm with NBEMS

Sunday at 8:15 am: This drop-in workshop will enable you to observe and experiment with the digital emcomm applications in the NBEMS software suite (fldigi, flmsg, flwrap, and more). We will have laptops set up with the software and a few sample messages, and we will demonstrate the sending and receiving of messages and then coach you as you do it yourself. Or bring your own laptop; we’ll have the software available for you to install. We will be available to chat about the pros and cons of this and similar techniques for messaging in support of our served agencies. Session leader: Bernhard Hailer AE6YN, Assistant Emergency Coordinator, ARRL East Bay Section.

ARRL EC-001 Exam Session

Sunday at 9:30 am: Amateur Radio operators and others who are studying the ARRL’s Introduction to Emergency Communication Course (EC-001) can take the course’s examination at this session, earning the ARRL completion certificate. EC-001 and its prerequisites, IS-100 and IS-700, are among the course training requirements to qualify for the Full Member designation in the ARRL East Bay Section ARES program. See an earlier post for important information.

Open Meeting: ARRL East Bay Section ARES

Sunday at 10:45 am: This session begins with a brief introduction to the ARES program in the ARRL East Bay Section. That will be followed by a report on progress during the past year and a review of several current challenges and opportunities for this East Bay Section program. The remainder of the session will be devoted to questions and discussion. Session leader: John Rabold KS6M, Section Emergency Coordinator, ARRL East Bay Section.