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Posted by af6aq on 30th July 2009

It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Herbert Cole, AI6AT, as East Bay SEC.

Herbert Cole most recently served as the Emergency Coordinator – Training, for the Contra Costa County ARES / RACES program, and is a Lead Instructor and Incident Commander for the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District CERT program. He has a B.A. from California State University Bakersfield, an Emergency Management Certificate from Western Washingtion University, and is currently working toward completion of the Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) credential. He has been selected by the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the International Association of Emergency Managers to present at this years National Conference on Community Preparedness. The conference will be held in Washington D.C. and Herbert will be speaking on the topic of “Integrating ARES into CERT During Disaster Operations.”

First licensed in 2005, Herbert came to Amateur Radio with the single minded purpose of Emergency Communications. He has since upgraded to Amateur Extra and is interested in all aspects of Amateur Radio, especially QRP (CW and Phone) and AmSat from remote locations. His current mode of choice is CW and he can be found most nights hanging around 7.114 on 40 meters.

I am excited about having such a well qualified and committed member as part of my team. All emergency communication related reports can now be
sent to Herbert with copies to me. As always, you can contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Please welcome Herbert and offer him your complete cooperation and assistance in his new post.

Jim Latham
Section Manager
East Bay
ARRL- the national association for AMATEUR RADIO

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Posted by af6aq on 28th October 2008

Don Rickerd, W8BQD was recently honored at PACIFICON 2008 for 50 years as an ARRL member. Don was presented a certificate from ARRL by East Bay Section Manager Jim Latham, AF6AQ.

Don was born in 1925 and grew up in rural Michigan during the Great Depression. He always had an interest in radio, and built many crystal radio sets during his teenage years. He enlisted in the Navy in 1943 and spent many months at Pearl Harbor at the close of World War II, installing radars on board the ships.

Don’s technical career kept him busy at a variety of jobs until he joined the staff of WKAR-TV at Michigan State University as a video engineer, where he worked until his retirement in 1987.

Licensed briefly as a Novice in the early 50’s, Don studied for and passed the Technician test in 1957.

Members of the Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club remember Don as an active member from the start, home-brewing most of his early equipment, including his first 6 meter rig, SWR bridge, and various other projects from QST magazine. He regularly spent Saturdays climbing towers for the local hams.

In the early 60’s Don worked with two others to build the first 2-meter repeaters in and around Lansing. John Hackman remembers Don’s major contribution as the settler of squabbles between him and Al Van Dyke, the third member of that technical trio. Don was a founding member of the Lansing Civil Defense Repeater Association and served on its board for many years.

Other Central Michigan hams remember Don as a true gentleman, ready to take on any task in the club that needed doing. To this day, younger members recall Don as an elder statesman of the group, and they miss him greatly since he relocated to California in 2004.

Don currently resides in Concord with his daughter and stays active on 20 meters, keeping a daily schedule with friends from Michigan to Arizona.

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A Field Day Letter from Governor Schwarzenegger

Posted by k6jeb on 12th June 2008

The signature campaign is a success! Today I received a Letter from Governor Schwarzenegger (PDF). The Governor writes:

American Radio Relay League’s Field Day

Greetings to everyone participating in your annual Field Day.

Amateur radio operators play an important role in times of emergency, and I applaud all those who have worked hard to home their skills. In addition to being an enriching hobby, amateur radio is an important tool for relaying information when disasters strike. I am certain this event will be a great opportunity to have fun, prepare for the future and display your impressive ability to connect the world.

Please accept my gratitude for your service and best wishes for your continued success.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

It’s not too late to contact your local leaders and representatives. This includes those running for offices in your area. Thank you all for getting the signatures in by my requested deadline!

Jack, K6JEB

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Ham Radio Support of 2008 Devil Mountain Run for Children’s Hospital

Posted by k6jeb on 7th May 2008

Thanks to Ed Richie for again coordinating ham radio support for the Devil Mountain Run on Sunday May 4, 2008.

Here are some photos from that event:
After going to the link, click on “Slide show” in upper right of screen. Then click on large arrows on right or left of photo to navigate.


Pete Harris

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John Stuart KM6QX does it again! …. 4-Wheelin’ Ham Radio Communications for Trailride Event on Mt. Diablo

Posted by k6jeb on 6th May 2008

John Stuart KM6QXJohn Stuart, KM6QX continues to be a treasure to MDARC, and to ham radio. Among the many ham-related things that John does is to organize and coordinate ham radio support for several great community service events each year. He has coordinated such things as world-class bike race events up Mt. Diablo, marathon running events out of Castle Rock in Walnut Creek, Police Olympics in Briones Park, various thrilling Trail Adventure Triathalon events in local regional parks, and various horse trailride events that require hams to go off road with 4-wheel vehicles to reach checkpoints. When you do an event that John has organized, it’s alway exciting, challenging, and you usually experience something you remember for a long time. There have been several incidents in which John has coordinated rescue services to injured or lost event participants. He has been intimately involved in setting up state-of-the-art radio equipment in the San Ramon Valley Emergency Services Communications Command Vehicle, for the San Ramon Fire District. He continues to provide great service to the community, and great learning experiences for hams. Best of all, the events he organizes are just plain fun!

This past weekend John coordinated the 50-mile Concord Mt. Diablo Trailride event that he has helped organize for close to 20 years. This included hams driving 4-wheel drive vehicles over beautiful back country trails on Mt. Diablo, trails that are usually closed to public auto access. It was a fantastic day on the mountain, the hills were bright green, the wild flowers were blooming and the views were spectacular. Hams traveled from one P&R station to another (horse pulse and respiration check stations), bringing race judges, vets and event organizers to the stations before the horses arrived there. Hams provided coordination of information to help assure the safety of horse riding participants.

Here are a few photos of this weekend’s Concord Mt. Diablo Trailride event:

Photos of trailride event:
After going to the link, click on “Slideshow” in upper right of screen. Then click on large arrows on right or left of photo to navigate.

Pete Harris

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