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EC-001 Course Announcement

Posted by af6aq on 21st June 2013

The ARRL East Bay Section is pleased to announce the schedule for the next EC-001 classroom course.

EC-001 is an introductory course designed for Amateur Radio volunteers who want to serve as part of an ARES® response team. The course is based on the ARRL publication “The ARRL Introduction to Emergency Communication Course, 4th Edition”.

This is a three part class with each part held on a different Saturday. The sessions are held from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm on consecutive Saturday mornings. The course is free of charge.

Pre-registration is required and students should plan to attend all three sessions.

431 Stardust Place
Alameda CA 94501
Part 1 July 13th
Part 2 July 20th
Part 3 July 27th
All sessions are from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.

If you have questions or want to register for this free class please contact:
David Haycock, KI6AWR
510-846-0011 or email:

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Ham radio story on (broadcast) radio

Posted by ks6m on 3rd August 2012

The East Bay Section’s Technical Coordinator Kristen McIntyre K6WX and her son Christopher KG6SVI were among those interviewed August 2 on KALW-FM about the magic of Amateur Radio. The story touches on ham radio topics such as CW, youth, DX, the unpredictability of propagation, and emergency communications.

This interview neatly sidesteps a common problem with media stories about ham radio: in most cases the journalist is clueless about our hobby. Apply the Walter Cronkite solution: in this case, the reporter is himself a ham, Mike Meenan ND6MM.

Read and listen to this story.

John Rabold KS6M
Section Emergency Coordinator, ARRL East Bay Section

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Rumor Control – NO Planned Shut Down of 440 in Northern California

Posted by af6aq on 15th December 2011

A rumor has recently been circulating about a shut down of 440 in Northern California. This is NOT true. I received the following from Dan Henderson at ARRL:

Bill, Bob, Bob, Jim et al:

Not sure of how this rumor got started but we need to be very clear and firm. There is no current proposal to our knowledge (or to the FCC’s -yes I checked) to institute a quiet zone around Beale AFB, there is no proposal to stop 70-cm operations in Northern California. I suspect someone has elaborated on statements made at Bob Vallio’s Division Cabinet meeting from early December.

This kind of rumor hurts our position. It works people up about something that is frankly not on the table. Yes, the mitigation work to harmful interference to the Beale PAVE PAWS radar needs to continue and is going to continue. It is not a “ok we looked at everyone once and you can go back to old operations.” Yes, there is a lot of work still to be done by the Amateur community. Yes, the FCC is going to consider license modifications or other actions against specific individuals that continue to cause interference and refuse to seriously attempt to resolve the problem despite several requests. Those that insist on playing games refusing to meet their obligation to eliminate their harmful interference will eventually have to answer to the FCC’s inquiry.

But at this time to the ARRL’s knowledge, there is no proposal on the table to establish a quiet zone around Beale on the 70-cm band. Could this change? Absolutely, especially if the amateur community fails to meet its obligation as a secondary user on the band.

I respectfully ask that you as ARRL leadership in the affected area circulate these comments. And I ask that the person who posted this rumor to the NARCC reflector please immediately retract his post to that reflector. We need your help in stopping this rumor before it runs rampant, Thanks for your serious and immediate attention to this.


Dan Henderson, N1ND
Regulatory Information Manager
ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio™


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ARES® Being Restructured in Contra Costa County

Posted by af6aq on 8th November 2011

The East Bay Section ARES® program in Contra Costa County is being restructured. ARES is the Amateur Radio Emergency Service®, an emergency-communications program of the ARRL. Applications for ARES positions in Contra Costa are invited.

In recent years, ARES in Contra Costa has not conformed to the ARRL’s expectations for the program or to ARES elsewhere in the East Bay Section. Some emergency-communications related leadership/management appointments were made that were not ARES appointments but were thought by some to be so. Some appointments or assigned responsibilities were not consistent with the ARES structure and principles as set forth by the ARRL.

Section Emergency Coordinator John Rabold KS6M and I decided that attempting to reassign current appointees to different positions would most likely make many appointees unhappy and result in a poor match of the available skills and enthusiasms to the available positions. Instead, all ARRL ARES appointments in Contra Costa are being vacated, resulting in a clean slate, and the current appointees and all other qualified amateurs in Contra Costa are being invited to apply for those positions.

Available ARES leadership/management positions in Contra Costa include one District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) to coordinate the program across the county and one Emergency Coordinator (EC) to manage ARES in each community. Small communities will be grouped together or with adjacent large communities so that no EC jurisdiction is too small to be viable and so that every licensed amateur in the county resides in a single EC jurisdiction.

The SM and SEC also invite applications for Official Emergency Station (OES) appointments. OES appointees will have superior operating skills and significant operating experience. They may also have capable base stations at their disposal, with the expectation that in ARES activation they may be assigned to operate from those stations.

Each of these appointments requires full ARRL membership and an active Technician-class Amateur Radio license or above. Appointees will be expected not only to meet the East Bay Section’s requirements for Full Member status but also to complete additional ARES-management course training as well within a limited time after appointment. The deadline for application is 17 December 2011.

Qualified amateurs in Contra Costa who are interested in being a part of the ARES management team should contact Section Emergency Coordinator John Rabold KS6M at

Additional information can be found on the ARRL East Bay Section ARES Web pages:

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Local Statement of Cooperation Between the ARRL East Bay Section and the Bay Area Chapter of the American Red Cross

Posted by af6aq on 18th October 2011

I am pleased to announce the formal signing of a local Statement of Cooperation between the ARRL East Bay Section and the Bay Area Chapter of the American Red Cross. This is a significant step as we rebuild the ARES® program in the Section. We now have a served agency that recognizes ARES locally and that is recognized by ARES.

The local Statement of Cooperation supplements the national Memorandum of Understanding between the American Red Cross and the ARRL that has been in effect since March 2010 and anticipates increased local familiarity and cooperation between the two entities. This document is available for review.

It is now more important than ever that we be able to exhibit that we are professional-quality, well-equipped, and well-trained Amateur Radio operators. To this end, we will be implementing online local ARES registration so that we will have an up to date listing of the Section’s members and leaders. We will also be implementing training and education programs sponsored by the Section to ensure a common, minimum level of training for members and leaders alike. Look for additional changes and progress as we organize and build the ARES program in the Section.


Jim Latham, AF6AQ – ARRL Life Member
Section Manager – East Bay
Emergency Communication Advisory Committee Representative – Pacific Division
ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio™

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