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Technician and General Class License Courses

Posted by John Primus on February 20th, 2017

East Bay Amateur Radio Club invites you to
Get an Amateur Radio Technician Class License

Classes starting April 11, 2017, 11 Sessions
Upgrade to General Class License
Classes starting April 11, 2017, 11 Sessions
Alvarado School
5625 Sutter St.
Richmond, CA 94805

The Technician class will meet on Wednesdays from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Textbook is The ARRL HAM RADIO License Manual, 3rd Edition.

The General class will meet on Tuesdays from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Textbook is The ARRL General Class License Manual, 8th Edition.

Books will be available for purchase. Classes may be taken concurrently.

FCC examinations and license applications will be administered at the final class session by the EBARC Volunteer Examiners. Exam fee will be $15.

Register at the West Contra Costa County School District Adult Education Office, 6028 Ralston Avenue, Richmond (510) 231-1453 or online at: . WCCAE Class fee is $15 for each class.  For further information regarding the Technician or General Class License Courses, please contact Ken Fowler, KO6NO at


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One-Day Ham Radio Class.

Posted by af6aq on January 18th, 2017

If you don’t have the time to devote to conventional study to prepare for a licensing exam, here is your opportunity to become a licensed Amateur Radio operator (or upgrade to General) in one day. 
We, the Benicia Amateur Radio Club, are offering a One-Day Study Session followed by the Exam in the East
Bay. Our success rate is over 90%. 

When: Saturday, March 4th, 2017
7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Where: Benicia Senior Center
187 East L Street, Benicia
What: Technician Class (beginner’s level)
General Class Upgrade (for those already licensed as a Tech)
Fee: $30.00 cash at the door (Includes exam fee)
Questions: or Art at (925) 212-9953
Conducted by: Benicia Amateur Radio Club (BARC), Member W5YI VEC, ARRL VEC
Class size is limited. Advance Registration is required. No prep or prior study required.
Prospective Hams should plan on attending a free Get-On-The-Air Class after passing their test, to become familiar with Amateur Radio operations.
Reserve Your Space – Become a Ham or Upgrade to General in One Day!

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Technician-class licensing class

Posted by ks6m on September 19th, 2016

The Berkeley Yacht Club (BYC) is offering an Amateur Radio Technician-class licensing and “SSB Aboard” class beginning Wednesday night, October 5th in the BYC Dining Room. There will be six class sessions of 2 to 3 hours each from 7-9:30ish on October 5th, 12th, 26th, and November 2nd, 9th, and 16th. The testing session will be November 19th or 26th, pending confirmation from the Volunteer Examination team. Please email Chuck Bullett directly or call the BYC Office at 510.843.9292 to get your name on the list. You may email the club as well:

Chuck Bullett
Rear Commodore
Berkeley Yacht Club
Berkeley CA 94710

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Become an ARRL Public Information Officer (PIO)

Posted by af6aq on September 4th, 2016

The ARRL PIOs put the face on Amateur Radio when they represent all of us hams to the general public. How does an ARRL PIO do that? Register for the PIO Class that will be taught at Pacificon 2016 and learn. This class will teach you about the role of Public Relations in Amateur Radio, how to identify the target of PR efforts, and how to properly influence the public’s perception of Amateur Radio.

Although the entire class that leads to graduation is 13 modules long, the portion taught at Pacificon 2016 will introduce you to the first four modules that describe the Public Information Officer, the Public Information Coordinator and how they build relationships with the media.

All courses taken at Pacificon 2016 will provide credit towards graduation of the entire 13 module course. The remaining nine modules will be taught at a later time at a location yet to be determined. Completion of the entire 13 modules consists of passing the final exam. A listing of all students who passed the course will be sent to the Section Managers in the Pacific Division. Should you want to receive a PIO appointment, you may communicate directly with your Section Manager who will determine if there is a need and if your qualifications support an appointment.

Open the Pacificon 2016 website and register for the event.  Follow the menu listing on left side of the page and find Education and Forums. Scroll to the PIO Class listing and choose the option to register for the class. Please do so now.

Once you have registered for the PIO Class, Suellene Petersen, K6CPA, Pubic Information Coordinator for the Santa Clara Valley Section will contact you.

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ARRL East Bay Section Presence at Pacificon 2016

Posted by af6aq on August 30th, 2016

As in the past, there will be some East Bay Section offerings at Pacificon 2016. These will be on Sunday morning so you will have a reason, in addition to the raffle drawing in the afternoon, to attend the Sunday session of Pacificon.

I will be hosting an open EB Section meeting where you will have a chance to meet and ask questions of the Section level leadership. In addition, there will be a drawing for some ARRL books as door prizes.

Section Emergency Coordinator, John Rabold KS6M has also arranged for an EC-001 test session and a Disaster Communications Workshop.

Successful completion of EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communications is one requirement for achieving the Full Member designation in ARRL East Bay Section ARES (“EB-ARES”). You must prepare yourself to take this examination in advance, on your own, and you must successfully complete its two prerequisite courses. Details about the course and this exam session are on our East Bay Section Web site.

Please share your ideas and suggestions for the Disaster Communications Workshop, sponsored by the  ARRL East Bay Section ARES (“EB-ARES”) with John Rabold. The workshop structure will de-emphasize the speaker-listener format and instead encourage observing, participating in, and discussing a skill or procedure, inspiring attendees and help them expand their abilities as ham communicators. Several years ago we held a workshop on the subject of the NBEMS/fldigi software suite and the MT-63 digital mode. We were not prepared for the huge number of hams who showed up, so attendees didn’t get the hands-on exposure we’d hoped for. For this year, John os collecting ideas — beginning right now — for a similar workshop. What can we present as a team, how can we involve attendees, and how can we cope effectively with just a few or a flood of curious hams? If you have a disaster-communications-related idea — whether you’d like to design the workshop, specialize in equipment setup at the session, be on the presenting team, or just “lateral” some thoughts for others to execute — please let Johne know. Possibilities include a return to fldigi and other apps in the NBEMS suite, specific digital modes, other digital techniques like Winlink 2000, voice skills and techniques, or even disaster communications tasks that support but do not include the use of the radio.

Check the Pacificon 2016 web page for times and locations of these special events.

I look forward to seeing you at Pacificon! 73 !

Jim Latham, AF6AQ – ARRL Life Member
Section Manager – East Bay (Alameda, Contra Costa, Napa, and Solano Counties)
ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio™

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