ARRL East Bay Section

Public Service

Amateur Radio Public Service

Amateur Radio operators use their FCC licenses and their related skills and experience to serve their communities in many ways. The Federal regulations that authorize Amateur Radio in the United States specifically cite “…the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service…” as a fundamental purpose [47 CFR 97.1 (a)].

The ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®) is one way in which licensed Amateurs serve in the ARRL East Bay Section; see our pages about ARES for details.

But Amateurs serve in other ways; for examples, see Public Service: Use Your License to Serve the Community on the ARRL Web site. Here on the ARRL East Bay Section Web site, we provide resources in support of the sponsors of public events (like parades, races, and rides) at which the public is present and can be at risk; for Amateurs who coordinate Amateur Radio communications support at no charge at such events; and for Amateurs who provide such support as volunteers. We also provide a way for Amateurs to inform ARRL East Bay Section leadership and the ARRL of their public service activity.

Amateur Radio Public Event Volunteers

Licensed Amateur Radio operators are encouraged to assist as communications volunteers at events at which the public will benefit from their volunteer services. Most of these events are runs, hikes, walks, and rides in which members of the public participate (or at which they observe) and can be at risk. Amateur Radio operators providing volunteer support at public events gain valuable experience that will be useful in times of disaster. Continue…

Amateur Radio Public Service Honor Roll

Amateurs who live in the ARRL East Bay Section are invited and encouraged to report on their Amateur Radio public service activity each month. The ARRL publishes an honor roll of Amateurs with especially high public service activity, but locally we record and recognize all levels of such activity. Continue…

Amateur Radio Public Event Team Coordinators

We provide resources for Amateurs who serve as contacts for other Amateurs who may wish to volunteer at public events, for those who plan the Amateur Radio operation, and for those who manage the Amateur Radio operation on the scene. Continue…

Public Event Sponsors

Amateur Radio provides communication services at no charge to the community at athletic events and fundraisers like ultra, marathon, and fun runs, bicycle and equestrian rides, and community walks; celebrations like parades; fairs and rodeos; major exhibits at malls and museums — these are large, preplanned, non-emergency public activities. Continue…