ARRL East Bay Section

Public Event Volunteers

Calendar of Public Service Events

Here is a calendar of public events in the ARRL East Bay Section for which volunteer Amateur Radio Service communications support has been requested.

Amateur Radio Public Event Volunteers

Licensed Amateur Radio operators are encouraged to assist as communications volunteers at events in which the public will benefit from their volunteer services. Most of these events are runs, hikes, walks, and rides in which members of the public participate (or at which they observe) and can be at risk. Two-way radio enables multiple volunteers to exchange information and coordinate a response to an incident quickly.

Amateur Radio operators providing volunteer support at public events gain valuable experience that will be useful in times of disaster, another circumstance in which Amateur Radio gets the message through.

How to Use the Calendar

Amateurs, your services are needed! Please review the calendar’s list of upcoming events.

The name of each event shown is a link. Activate that link (click on it) to display more information, including a link that will allow you to send a message to the Amateur Radio operator who is coordinating volunteer communications support for that event. (We use password protection only to discourage malicious interference.)

If you have questions about Amateur Radio volunteer service at public events or have any difficulty using the Calendar or reaching a coordinator for an upcoming event, contact the acting Section Emergency Coordinator at

Public Service Honor Roll Activity Report

Be sure to take credit for your personal public service activity! Use our section’s Public Service Honor Roll Activity Report to tally and report your public service points. Volunteering at a public event qualifies, but so do many other Amateur Radio activities.