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Public Event Team Coordinators

Calendar of Public Service Events

Here is a calendar of public events in the ARRL East Bay Section for which volunteer Amateur Radio Service communications support has been requested.

Amateur Radio Public Event Team Coordinators

Public Event Team Coordinators are Amateur Radio operators who coordinate Amateur Radio support for one or more public events. Such coordinators include hams who serve as contacts for hams who may wish to volunteer, those who plan the Amateur Radio operation, and those who manage the Amateur Radio operation on the scene.

This page’s content includes About This Calendar, Reporting (the Public Service Activity Report and the Public Service Honor Roll Activity Report), and Offering Amateur Radio Services to Event Sponsors.

About This Calendar

This calendar supplements other means of recruiting hams to serve at public service events. Section staff will seek out and add events that are displayed publicly (such as on club Web sites) and that are publicly soliciting volunteers, but ham radio support of any public event that is taking place entirely or in part within the ARRL East Bay Section (Alameda, Contra Costa, Napa, and Solano Counties) is eligible to be displayed.

On the calendar, the name of each event shown is a link. Activate that link (click on it) to display more information about the event, including a link that allows a prospective volunteer ham to send a message to the listed coordinator. (We use password protection only to foil malicious interference.)

Please contact the acting Section Emergency Coordinator, ARRL East Bay Section, at
if you would like to list your upcoming public service event on this calendar in order to attract additional volunteer ham radio operators, or if you have corrections or other changes to make to events already listed.

The calendar is a Google Calendar “widget” and can be embedded into other public Web pages. It will update automatically. Please contact the acting Section Emergency Coordinator for information.


Amateur Radio donates thousands of person hours of supplementary public service communications in civil emergencies, official drills, and events such as parades and marathons each year. Information about this public service activity is useful to the ARRL in its contacts with government and the media.

Public Service Activity Report

If you have recently coordinated Amateur Radio participation in a public service event entirely or partially in the ARRL East Bay Section, please complete our section’s Public Service Activity Report on your team’s activity. Its contents will be delivered to the Section Manager, ARRL East Bay Section, who will share selected content with the ARRL and other Amateurs. Thank you!

Please note that our Public Service Activity Report should also be used to report on Amateur Radio service during an actual communications emergency, for alerts (Amateurs were alerted or deployed but not actually utilized), and for exercises related to disaster/emergency communications.

Public Service Honor Roll Activity Report

Be sure to take credit for your personal public service activity! Use our section’s Public Service Honor Roll Activity Report to tally and report your public service points. Encourage every ham who participated in your event to do the same.

Offering Amateur Radio Services to Event Sponsors

As you offer ham radio public-event services to event sponsors, please refer those contacts to our Web page for Public Event Sponsors on this subject.